Audience Response System (ARS) Information

Audience Response System Guidelines

The ARS offers the lecturer a tool to measure audience engagement and feedback. Audience participation encourages a more involved and active course room environment. Attendees can answer poll questions anonymously in real time and see the response live during the presentation.


  1. ARS software will only work with PowerPoint. It is pertinent that you clearly identify your questions and build the slides in "Title and Text" format in PowerPoint.
  2. Incorporate audience polling questions into your presentation. These may include the following:
    1. Yes/No
    2. True/False
    3. Multiple Choice
  3. Please add your answer into the notes section of the slide.
  4. Keep answer choices to a minimum (maximum of 5 choices). If the slide is overly busy, it can be difficult to read.
  5. Answer choices should be short. Audience members will be more apt to participate if they don't have to read lengthy answer options.
  6. We suggest each presenter provide four questions. For example, for a two-hour course with three faculty members, each faculty member should provide approximately four questions for a total of 12 questions.

Submitting your ARS Presentation

  1. Please submit your PowerPoint presentation with ARS questions to the AUA speaker submissions site by April 24, 2017.
  2. Once submitted, ARS slides will need to be programmed by ARS staff. This is a time-consuming process, therefore, NO CHANGES will be accepted less than 24 hours prior to the presentation.
  3. An AUA staff member will contact the Course Director 48 hours prior to the presentation to go over ARS use and capabilities.
  4. Please be mindful that we will need time to integrate your presentation with the ARS software so that it properly displays the polling questions/answers. This final copy will be the version presented.
  5. No changes can be made in the course room. You must check in with the speaker ready room at least 24 hours before your scheduled presentation to ensure we have the most recent version and that the presentation appears as you intended. Absolutely no changes will be accepted after this point.


Q. Will I be charged for the text messages?
A. Standard text messaging rates apply. Depending on your plan, the text may be free or cost a small fee.

Q. Will my information (name/number) be visible if I participate?
A. No, all information is anonymous and you will never receive follow-up text messages following the presentation.

Q. Are answers case-sensitive?
A. No, simply type the letter or answer. If the answer is open-ended, the text will appear as it is typed.