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Don't miss out on the exciting experience of social media by joining the conversation and following our live #AUA17 coverage – stay connected!

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Tweeting With #AUA17

It won't be long before Boston is busy with urologists attending the most anticipated international urology meeting in the world – #AUA17!

Don't miss out on the exciting experience of Twitter by joining the conversation and following our live AUA2017 coverage – stay connected by following @AmerUrological and #AUA17.

If you're still on the edge about signing up – read the top 10 reasons why we think you should consider tweeting during #AUA17:

  1. Participate in contests to win great prizes – iPad mini's and gift cards!
  2. Keep up with the meeting! Join the conversation and tweet live along with the other attendees.
  3. Have a voice! Share your opinions – contribute and add value.
  4. Network! Twitter is a great place to foster networking opportunities and instantly connect with your colleagues.
  5. Receive the timeliest information about what's happening at #AUA17.
  6. Share photos with your followers! Especially if they're not attending, be their ears and eyes to help them be a part of the meeting.
  7. If you're presenting at #AUA17, promote your presentation and abstract highlights on Twitter!
  8. Track what's trending at #AUA17.
  9. It's free information! Stay abreast of the latest announcements.
  10. It's fun! Not everything has to be so formal on social media so join the conversation, relax & just have fun!

Still having doubts or need questions answered? Have no fear, the communications team is here! Ask us @! See you in Boston!