New Exhibitors

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Hello and Welcome New Exhibitors!

We are excited that you will be joining us in Boston. As a new exhibitor to AUA, we want to ensure that your experience is positive. Please find below some FAQs that we feel will benefit you as you plan for AUA2017.

Q: What do I get with my booth?

A: Your booth space includes per 10' x 10' space:

  • 8' high backwall drape
  • 3' high sidewall drape
  • 1- 7" x 44" identification sign
  • Listing in the printed program and the AUA2017 app
  • 5- exhibitor badges

What do I get with my booth?

Q: Is carpet included with my booth?

A: No. All exhibitors must purchase carpet for their booth through GES.

Q. I have reserved a booth, now what?

A. All exhibitors are encouraged to do some form of pre-show marketing. The AUA offers options to help promote your participation:

  • You may purchase an attendee list for pre-show solicitation
  • Utilize all three of the complimentary AUA2017 branding tools for your internal produced postcards, banners and website.
Q: How do I order equipment and services for my booth?

A: The following vendors will be available to assist you with all your exhibit booth needs:

All of the application order forms and information sheets are located in the exhibitor service manual.

Q. What is the full name and address of the facility?

A. Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
415 Summer Street
Boston, MA 02210

Q. How do I ship my materials to the convention center?

A. You have two options when shipping your materials to the convention center; you may ship in advance to the GES warehouse or ship direct to the convention center. All exhibitors are encourage to ship in advance to the GES warehouse. Shipping in advance to the GES warehouse allows you to confirm your materials have arrived and assures that your materials will be in your booth when you arrive. Please refer to the shipping information in the exhibitor service manual.

Q. What are the food options at the convention center?

A. The convention center offers a variety of options to grab a quick sandwich or a sit down meal. For-purchase meals will be available throughout the convention center.

Q. What is the dress code during the Annual Meeting?

A. AUA2017 is a professional environment and exhibitors are expected to dress accordingly.

Exhibitor Bulletins

We look forward to being of service to you in Boston and encourage you to check your email for the monthly exhibitor bulletins for all exhibitor updates.

AUA2017 New Exhibitors

Company Name

Booth Number

Company Name

Booth Number

3DBiopsy 2803 Massachusetts General Hospital 1115
Alma Lasers 847 McLeod Health 2854
Ambry Genetics 342 MicroGen DX 2451
America Medic & Science, AMS 1449 Micromedic Technologies 449
Amniox Medical 2848 Germany 2553
B. Braun Medical 848 NANOVA 758
Bedford Research Foundation 2852 Neogenomics 2153
Beijing L.H.H.Medical Science Development Co., Ltd 2620 Onemed 2737
C.A.T.H.wear 1848 OPCOM Medical USA Inc. 851
Cambridge Consultants 2806 Optimum Medical 2646
Castelli 1652 OSF HealthCare 556
Clear Guide Medical, Inc 2654 P & M Harmony LLC 338, 423
Combat Medical Ltd. 751 Pathnostics 2054
CompactCath Inc. 2841 Patient Pocket, LLC 1852
Cosmetics Expo 1853 Professional Anesthesia Physicians 754
Cynosure 844 Prolieve TUMT 2837
Desert Harvest 1054 Prostate Cancer Foundation 752
DK Technologies 2250 PSS Urology, Inc. 952
Eleven Biotherapeutics 549 RX Sleeve 654
Ellis Medicine 756 Ryan Medical LLC 951
Freelance Anesthesia 1254 Sanford Health 1058
G.S. Innovation 2543 Sekisui Diagnostics 854
Glens Falls Hospital 2754 Sitz BathWear 1948
Hawk Endoscopes 954 STENDRA by MIST Pharmaceuticals 2844
Hi-Dow International 1753 TerSera Therapeutics LLC 725
Infinium Medical, Inc. 2641 TS Medical 1056
International X-Ray Brokers 956 Uramix, Inc. 1452
Johnson Compounding and Wellness 1752 UroSee Corporation 1651
King Lion 657 Vital Nutrients 2542
La Visage Innovations 1156 Weatherby Healthcare 2450
Marcos Innovations 2053 Xuzhou Kaixin Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd. 1847
Mary Lanning Healthcare 2847