6th Annual AUA Residents Bowl

5th Annual AUA Residents Bowl Game Format

Game Format and Rules

Twenty (20) short answer questions per game are written ahead of time by designated doctors.

  • Each team will be given the opportunity to respond to a question.
  • Ten points are awarded per correct question.
  • There is no point penalty for incorrect answers.
  • Each team can designate one spokesperson to answer the question.
  • If the first team is incorrect, the other team has the opportunity to answer the question.
  • Each team has the opportunity to "pass" on a question in the first and second rounds. This question will then go to the next team, which must either "answer" or "pass."
  • The four winning teams from Saturday games will advance to the Semi-Finals on Sunday.
  • The two winning teams from Sunday games will advance to the Finals on Monday.
  • The team with the highest point total will be deemed winner on Monday.

Each Section Secretary will participate as a judge but will not be allowed to judge his/her own Section.