AUA National Chief Resident Debate

AUA National Chief Resident Debate

Game Format and Rules

There will be a total of eight 15-minute debates.


  • Chief residents presenting will have a total of five (5) minutes to present.
    • Four (4) minutes initial presentation
    • One (1) minute rebuttal
  • The "pro" view will present first; the "con" view will follow.
  • Participants must follow time restrictions.
  • Theatrics are allowed, but must not be excessive.
  • Props are NOT allowed.
  • Residents may use a maximum of five PowerPoint slides in their argument and three for their rebuttal.
  • Residents must stay until the end of the program.


  • The judges must be impartial.
  • The judges shall try to avoid interacting with the chief residents prior to the Debate.
  • Persuasiveness, data, quality and forcefulness of the presentation shall determine the winners, not the correctness of the position as judged by conventional practice. A score sheet for the judges will be provided.
  • The judges may disqualify participants if the Rules of Engagement are not followed.
  • The judges have only two minute per presentation to cast his/her judgment.