2017 History Exhibit: Renal Retrospective: The History of the Kidney

2017 History Exhibit

The kidney is the organ that rather defines urologists and centers them on the entire genito-urinary system. Learning about its rich history is a fascinating and important lesson for urologists. It is fitting that the history of the kidney (a renal retrospective) will be presented in Boston as part of the American Urological Association's 2017 Annual Meeting. Remarkably, Boston is a city of historical firsts when it comes to the kidney—the first renal unit (Peter Bent Brigham Hospital), the first successful human kidney transplantation (PBBH) and the home of "The Quarry," led by the legendary Fuller Albright that became the first multi-specialty unit for evaluation of the complexities of kidney stone formation at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

This May, learn the interesting stories behind one of our specialty's famed organs!

2017 History Exhibit Schedule

Check back in April for a complete schedule of booth talks.